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Fueled by a passion for wine culture, Gardien provides wine storage, curation, transportation, and sharing for those interested in an elevated experience. 

Red Wine

We aren't just a business, we are cultivators of a vibrant community bound together by a shared love for an elevated wine experience. Join us in creating a space where the clinking of glasses creates a symphony of shared [elevated] experiences.

Gardien was founded by wine enthusiasts Eric and Kris LaBrie, who are motivated by learning, sharing, serving, and facilitating a unique wine-centric community of like-minded wine enthusiasts this part of Texas has to offer. Our high-tech storage facility also includes a plentiful space to host events, parties, and casual neighborhood get-togethers to discuss all of wine's nuances.

Our superior customer service combined with a technologically-advanced facility makes Gardien the premier location to store wine collections in the Texas Hill Country. Our on-site entertainment space brings together a community of like-minded people for special events such as parties and tastings, or casual get-togethers to learn and discuss wine and the meaning of life.

We cater to clients with private wine collections seeking storage and curation, businesses and venues seeking bulk and/or temporary storage, and those needing temperature-controlled transportation. 

As wine enthusiasts, our clients come to us not only to ensure their collections are perfectly preserved, but also to join a community of wine lovers for fun, learning, and enjoying wine together. 

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